Yelawolf Announces 5150 Tour Dates!



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Mao_Kai's picture

Come back to Norway motherfucker!!!

Brianna_Smith8's picture

Come to Kansas City, MO!

Andrew_Webster1's picture

I would love to see Yelawolf live in the UK

Brittany_Via's picture

More than one stop in Mi would be great!!! 

Deewhitex3's picture

Even if the whole world knows

I don't give a damn about what they think

I don't have to stand up to your gun

I don't have to sit down when you say

Tell me I'm overboard

The truth is you just want to see me sink

If there's any room left on that ship

You don't have to save any room for me

Cause I've got my own boat (even when it rains)

I'm doing my own thing (even when it rains)

And I will stay afloat - even when it rains

Cause I've got my own boat

Row, row your boat

-You're a blessing.