Yelawolf's New Single Shadows out now

Listen to Yelawolf's new single Shadows now!



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Amber_Adair's picture

Recovery is not easy but so worth it.

Sarah_SowersBrowning's picture

I admire your talent and diversity your ability to be a chameleon with your sound and the huge amount of knowledge of the world around you growing up molding and teaching you to be the awesome person you are 

holliemschramm's picture

Been lovin your vibe since pop the trunk,rappin along with you!Your truly unique and your songs humble my demons.Lifes a struggle but your music as the soundtrack is pure bliss.1year 8 months sober from h but still addicted happily to you and your music♡

Kevin_Valverde's picture

This song is my favorite, Yelawolf you are a very good singer, congratulations.

Catherine_Buoncuore's picture

Michael ........praying for you in The name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit....heal my man ...l love you.....Kitty