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SLUMERICANS .... It's here ... the first of Annual SLUMFEST is coming this September !!!!! ... Followed by an ALL BIKE NO BUS TOUR !!! ... a five day route .. Sept 14 - sept 19th .. starting in Nashville to Chattanooga ... Then we wake up the next morning and it's on to Birmingham , Montgomery , Gwinnett doing a show every night !! .. And ending in Nashville for the SLUMFEST !!!! ... THIS IS A HARLEY / CHOPPERS ONLY TOUR !!!! NO CROTCH ROCKETS ALLOWED !!!! if you got the bike ... You can ride !!! My entire crew will be on bikes ... All you gotta do is follow us ... Welcome to DEVILS PASS !!!!!!!!! @kleversworld @bonesowens @bigbassape @indianlarrymotorcycles @rustybutcher @rebelcambo @smithfam544 @constantxgrind @frankensteincpb @hixdesign @donotresist @travisbarker @markvaillancourt @brianvaillancourt @howdyall @twitchthis88 @skinheadrob @johnxcalebtattoo @marilynmanson @jamestheless @braydonsza @shakejunt @shooterjennings @harleydavidson @boswellshd @newpaloop Where you at ?!! Ride a Harley into the sunset !! @iamjimjonsin ... Fellas feel free to bring the ladies out .. @fefedobsonofficial 's mobbin with Me .. @famousstarsandstraps @monsterenergy WE WILL BE ANNOUNCING BANDS .. STAY TUNED ️️️SLUMFEST️️ #slumerican #slumfest



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