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My sons 11th birthday is tomorrow .. But I can't be there .. He's with his grandparents and family in Bama .. So I drove down to surprised him today .. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday a few days back and he said " just what ever you think I want " ... So I bought him his first electric guitar .. A Les Paul .. And a Marshall amp .. I didn't buy him not one toy or game for his x box .. No clothes .. Shoes .. Nothing like that .. Just this Guitar and an amp , and little portable Orange amp .. And a few books : Jhonny Cash , Lynyrd Skynyrd and Nirvana .. And some must know Blues , Rock and R & B riffs on DVD .. He was a little taken back by it .. But still completely stoked .. And I gotta say .. His style is already amazing .. Look at that stance !! Haha ... Happy Birth Day buddy .... Your a Rad Kid !! And I'm so proud of you ... You may one day look back at this post and realize it was the most pivotal point in your young life .... But wether you become a rock star or an architect .. Or mechanic ... Or whatever you do .. Daddy's got your back ... Love you Bird ️️PHOENIX️️



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