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Toronto !!!!! How bout a #slumericanscavengerhunt ?!!! .. But hold up .. We got a SLUMERICAN sticker pack , a Yelawolf sticker pack , some SLUMERICAN FLAG patches , a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce to sprinkle on your Uncle Rays dill pickle chips , some Clear Eyes eye drops after you toke , a Pump Action pellet gun to shoot your friends or neighbors dog with , a pack of temporary tattoos , a @monsterenergy drink , a copy of Black Fall my mix tape with @tkomdjpaul of 3.6 , a copy of Trunk Muzik Returns @supahotbeats , and the first copy of LOVE STORY ever signed in Canada " #slumadian " @shadyrecords .. @fefedobsonofficial and I are about to hit the streets ... I'll shoot yall a hint in a little while .. Good luck .. This is a good one !!! SLUMADIAN#slumerican #slumadian #slumericanscavengerhunt



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