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GET YOUR MONEY UP !! Tickets go on sale this Friday and there's on 2,300 available for SLUMFEST in Nashville SEPT 19th !!!!!! Line up : Me and my dawgs @kleversworld and @bonesowens (Outlaw Hip Hop / Rock and Roll ) RITTZ ( Classic Southern Hip Hop ) HILL BILLY CASINO ( Psycho Billy / Rocka Billy / Rock and Roll ) BUBBA SPARKS ( Outlaw Hip Hop ) IKILLYA ( Heavy Meatal ) " Bruh my name is wrong on the poster. It's Joshua Hedley !!! " JOSHUA HEDLEY ( Country ) JELLY ROLL ( Outlaw Hip Hop / Rock and Roll ) BIG HENRY ( Gangsta Rap / Hip Hop ) ALEX KING ( Outlaw Hip Hop / Rock and Roll ) SHAWTY FATT ( Gangsta Rap / Hip Hop ) The DEVILS PASS Bike Run dates and venues : Supported By RITTZ !! DEVILS PASS : Tue-Sep-15 Chattanooga, TN Rhythm & Brews Wed-Sep-16 Birmingham, AL Zydeco Thu-Sep-17 Montgomery, AL Rock Bottom American Pub Fri-Sep-18 Duluth, GA Wild Bill’s Sat-Sep-19 NASHVILLE, TN BOSWELLS @rittz @hillbillycasino @bubbasparxxx @ikillya @joshuahedley @jellyroll615 @bighenry256 @mrkingalexander @shawtyfatt @monsterenergy @famousstarsandstraps @coors @harleydavidson @boswellshd @jackdaniels @thecryingwolfbar @goldclubelectrictattoo @frankensteincpb @rebelcambo @nathanbrown77 @rustybutcher @ounzezilla @newpaloop @jdotjones #slumerican #slumfest SLUMFEST JOSHUA HEDLEY Damnit !!!!!



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