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So proud of this man .. William ( Struggle ) Harness .. He's literally rehabilitated his entire world. Physically , mentally ... Every mistake , loss .. He has turned it all into a positive and empowering energy. You can tell by his encouraging words and beyond his years wisdom through his post ... that he's an important figure to follow ... The grand son of Waylon Jennings .. A Father , Raised on the streets .. A true outlaw destined for the stage. SLUMERICANS await the return of this legend @iamstruggle .. Very Soon come ... We love you .. and Lex I never did say thank you for introducing me to one of my now brothers .. And Jelly too .. Thank you man !! .. If you don't follow Alex King do so now .. Alex was the corner stone to my relationship with Struggle and Jelly and he's one of the realest people I know .. @mrkingalexander @jellyroll615 ... #outlawhiphoprockandroll #slumerican @shooterjennings !!!! #slumfest



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