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To the owner of the Texas Showdown festival .. And the El Paso police .. And the promoter .. Fuck all of you !!! Keep your money .. We'll never play your shit hole fest again ... This is what happened .. I watched the whole thing ... Klever fell down drunk on his back .. reached his hand out to get helped up to the fucking promoter .. The promoter slapped his hand away .. Like really slapped his hand away .. Refusing to help him up .. Klever raised up like what the fuck man ?!! Reaching his hand out again .. And just like that .. The cops jumped on him .. They slammed him shirtless to the concrete .. Smashed his face all up .. There was blood everywhere .. Klever ?!!! .. I can't even begin to tell yall how non aggressive Doodle is .. If you knew him you'd know how laid back and cool he is .. And EVERY SINGLE promoter / security / festival owner refused to talk to me ... And they wouldn't let me any where near him after they beat him up .. Klever was sent to the hospital .. Then booked at 8 am. @kleversworld @bonesowens #slumerican



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