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@bonesowens @kleversworld and I Had the very rare honor of sitting on these original @indianlarrymotorcycles Indian Larry bikes .. Bobby and His wife E run the Indian Larry Estate .. Maintaining the rebel spirit and outlaw style Larry was known for .. Keeping it classy and keeping the true legacy alive .. My first Bike is an Indian Larry tribute bike .. So this was a big big deal to me .. Their new shop is STILL in Brooklyn .. We had to stop by with the blessings of @tellygram_tcb ... We saw the Wild Child , Chain of Mystery , Question Everything , The Daddy'O .. And even the bike Larry passed on The Grease Monkey , ... saw the legendary writer Ces @wish4ces painting the new shop .. And Bobby gifted us some amazing shirts ... Today was too epic .. Thank you NEW YORK ️️SLUMERICAN️️ #aidanhasaposse #rollyourown



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