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Let me throw some dirt on these Dolce & Gabbana shades real quick ... I noticed a lot of foul comments about my Saint Laurent post. Ironically people trying to tell me what is and is not SLUMERICAN ... Let me explain to you all something now for the record. SLUMERICAN has absolutely nothing to do with how much money you do or do not have .. Nor can it be defined with the clothes on your back or the shoes on your feet. The Gutter can not be defined by money or social status ...the gutter is a place of struggle in a any way shape or form ... and to over come that successfully is what we all strive for ... So tell me this .. Am I not SLUMERICAN because I can finally afford to buy my son a Les Paul ? .. Or my MawMaw a Tiffany's necklace for her birthday ? .. Or help my brothers when they need me ? .... Check yourself ! .. So wether I'm in a pair of Liberty overalls from Walmart at Talledega drinkin a cold beer with Cambo ... Or rock' a pair of Saint Laurent boots ... At the Channel store with @fefedobsonofficial .. I remain well aware of who I am and what I come from. We work hard .. We play hard .. That's how we live .... furthermore ... pretentious people don't come with a price tag .... SLUMERICAN supports rad shit !!! .. We support brands that stand by their product .. We support legendary people doing legendary shit .. So DREAM ON .. Don't put boundaries on your self ... and don't put boundaries on what you feel is obtainable ... Wether you want a brand new Jhon Deer tractor or a fuckin Bently don't make you any less or greater than the next person out there ... That 5 million dollar house with that 10 car garage .. Or that double wide trailer by the lake could be yours. But if you think rockin a 1,000 dollar pair of boots makes you evil ... And don't make you a SLUMERICAN ... Then you mind as well park it where your at now ... You're life's potential depends entirely on your open mind ... here's a quote for you to think about " LITTLE PEOPLE TALK ABOUT PEOPLE ...BIG PEOPLE TALK ABOUT IDEAS " now that's fuckin SLUMERICAN #slumerican



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