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This is a very good friend of mine. Of ours really considering our family of friends ... His names Grip Plyaz .. You may have heard him on Creek Water " I got 50 " .. I just received the message from @supahotbeats as I landed that Grip has a Tumorous Cancer .. And a go fund me to raise money for treatment ... All I can say before you consider donating is that this man literally gave me his couch in his mothers house and helped me get on my feet and get a job in ATL in 06 ' .. He's never asked me for anything at all .. Ever. He has a beautiful baby boy who needs him around ... And frankly his one of the most entertaining rappers I've ever known ... Please if you can. Support his go fund me. Thanx yall .. @gripplyaz is undoubtedly the OG #slumerican FUCKCANCER



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