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You want me to back down. I will not. You want me to take responsibility for acts of crime and hate in which I had no involvement .. I will not. You want to persecute and dismember my foundation with you're ideas and theories .. But my foundation is too strong. I'm from Ala God Damn Bama ..the Heart Of Dixie !!! .. It's been tattooed on my stomach for years and has been publicized countless times .. I have a Dixie Flag tattooed on my arm ... Where have you been ? ... So .... Most of these people chirping could care less about my music , my history or my views .. Everybody wants and deserves a voice ... So they jump on a hate wagon to feel apart of something bigger than themselves .. But ... Maybe some of you have forgotten who I am .. Who I've been and who I will always be ... I'm a REBEL .. I will not turn my back on my families heritage .. Aunts , Uncles .. Cousins Brothers and Sisters .. Both black and white .... We are history. We are important .. We are real .. We are not racist .. We are open. We are loving and We are free .. If you force me to stand up .. If you corner me .. If you put my back against the wall .. Then you will understand why I am a Wolf .. And you are a sheep ... Ps. Greetings from Moscow Russia mother fuckers SLUMERICAN #slumerican #mysouth #newsouth



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