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Really ?!! .. I be damn ... So I had to take that post down about the Burning Dixie Flag shirt ... Cause these dudes put a cease and desist on me. Threatening to sue me. Wow. I can't fathom why ... I know I sold them some shirts with that post ... They should be thanking me. Typical LA shit. Good. Even further proving my point that they were out there league .. Not culturally bound to stand behind such a statement ... Just opportunistic and naive .... Hence a lawsuit against me for my opinion and " using their Image " .. Check it out though. Thank you for all you're comments .. Good and bad. Cause wether you agree or disagree with my statement .. Atleast you are debating. Atleast you are thinking .. But whatever choice you make .. Make sure it liberates not just you. But everyone ... And hey if you want to make a statement next time .. Be sure before you take it to the print shop and the street corner that you can stand behind it .. Don't run for a lawyer when somebody makes a statement right back at you .... Then again .. Ain't that just like Good Ol' America ... For some folks ... Like i said. This ain't about love ... This is just about attention and money. They got no heart in this. But I do ... And I got money too .. So here come the vampires .... All G .. I got plenty of wooden stakes #slumerican #mysouth #newsouth #heartofdixie



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