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Good morning Denver ... Hey here's a thought for everybody .. I'm recovering from a severe Alcohol Withdrawal .. Medically they call it DT's .. It's the most painful thing I've ever been through physically ... Ants on your skin .. Burning fever .. Hallucinations and delirium. I had to spend three days in this condition slowly giving myself doses of alcohol to ween my body's dependence off it. I went hard in the paint for nearly 5 months straight every day and night .. and decided I needed a break in Moscow .. Reading up on my symptoms I was in danger for my life. This is how Amy Winehouse passed .. Along with countless others ... Just want to say to all my fans out there .. That if you love drinking like I do .. Pace your self. Don't binge out and become dependent .. Stay in control and be aware of you're habit. I don't want to loose none of yall or myself to this shit .. Keep partying ... But take a day to hydrate .. This especially goes out to all the touring artist out there .. Where the whiskey flows like a river .. Stay strong .. I'm all better now .. But had I stopped cold turkey ... I may have been a cold turkey myself ... SOBRIETYSUCKS #slumerican @skulldude666



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