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Got a text from my good friend Killer Mike last night. He warned me that I may have offended some folks in LA ... By saying " Typical LA shit " ( referring to the lawsuit against me ) We all know lawsuits fly around Los Angeles like the Sunday paper. So to my folks Travis Barker, Tim Millhouse and the Famous Family, Felix and the Ammo crew, Chapter X Tattoo, Blessed Individuals, Rob Dyrdek, Drama and Family, Skin Head Rob, Tim Armstrong and the Transplants, The Twins,The Happy Hour crew, Braydon Szafranski and the Shake Junt Family, The Baker Family, Brooklyn Projects ,Nick Diamond, DJ Skee ,The Game, After Math and Shady, Dr. Dre,Kendrick,Odd Future, Proper Barber Shop, Mr. Estevan Oriol, Scopp D'Ville, Snoop Dog, Rusty Butcher, Malay, Rude Jude, Just to name a few. All of these folks I've either tour'd with, done shows with, recorded songs with, have done business with, skated with, partied with, Some of them are dear friends of mine .. Like Family. So my apologies to any one who I may offended. I fuckin love California, my homies ... And my fans. Im just a Southern Boy, Proud of where I come from .. And ain't nothin gonna change about that ever. Two of my dearest friends Shooter Jennings and Struggle .. Their father / grand father Waylon Jennings Wrote this theme song you're hearing for Dukes of Hazard .. I went to church with Shooter in Nasville when we were kids. The first song I ever performed on stage , I was 5 years old .. It was " If Heaven Ain't a lot Like Dixie " My uncle Buddy held me in his arms up to the mic - His band : " The New Dixie " They played country and funkadelic , I sat side stage at 6 years old with the Alabama Band at the June Jam, Lynyrd Skynyrd was a house hold name ... I'm not just blowing smoke on this topic ... So yeah I get a little emotional when people trash where I'm from ... What do you expect ? .. But simply put. I love where I come from .. And we mean no harm. So crack a cold beer, throw a line in the fuckin lake, Fire up the grill and crank the rock and roll .. Cause that's the south I was raised on #slumerican R.I.P Waylon ... @shooterjennings @iamstruggle - LOVE. #heartofdixie



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