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ATTENTION BIKERS 7 Days till we roll !!!! .. Here's some answered questions about the scheduling to the #devilspass Bike Run .. If you're doing the whole run it's important that you prepare now ... Have y'all's bikes ready to roll out on the morning of the15th from @boswellshd Nashville,TN You'll need hotel / motel rooms the nights of : The 15th in Chattanooga TN The 16th in Birmingham AL The 17th in Montgomery AL The 18th in Duluth GA The 19th in Nashville TN Keep in mind you don't have to do the entire bike run .. I understand it's expensive ... And people gotta work ... So those of you who ARE doing the ENTIRE 5 Day bike run will get in the festival for FREE !! Including free admission to SLUMFEST / VIP passes AND Meet and Greet passes .. A 230 dollar value at #slumfest ... Please repost to your Biker friends who need this info .. And hash tag #slumfest #slumerican .. get your general admission and other slum shit on SLUMERICAN.COM Thanx and we'll see yall soon SLUMERICAN #slumerican #slumfest @harleydavidson #rollyourown



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