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Welcome @goldclubelectrictattoo 's @goldclubchris to the 30 club ... To any one who may see this .. Check it out ... If you've hit 30 and you ever feel like you're gettin " too old "... All you have to do is look at the major players in the world of business and arts .. 95% of all truly successful people who have a real foundation ... Are somewhere between 45 to 60 ... A growing company can seem appealing to a person in their 20's ... But the cold truth about that is .. Most of them will be broke and done by 35 - 40 ... The key to sustaining a company whatever it may be is to create timeless product .. It's an art form .. For some ( like me ) takes much practice .. For others it comes naturally .. Regardless though .. Set you're goals far beyond what you can ever achieve .. That way ... Even if you make it half way to your destination .. You're still an over the top success ... Money is just a bi product .. The real joy is creating something that people will be moved by for generations after you are long gone .... Happy birthday little bro .. And to any one else moving into the dirty 30's !!!! SLUMERICAN #slumerican



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