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My 2015 CVO @harleydavidson is all done and ready for #devilspass and #slumfest ... Thank you @flylowcustoms for this one of a kind paint job ... And @hixdesign for some insane leather work ... This bike was designed by in collaboration with Me and my friends Roddy , Kyle and my boys at @boswellshd and .. @_monkey_boy_666 thanks for renching this bad boy together . Brandon thanks for selling me this rad bike .. Jake , Justin , Bubba .. Yall got a great shop .. We all came together and knocked this out of the park .. see this bike in person ... Get you're tickets to #slumfest on SLUMERICAN.COM now ... #slumerican #slumfest #devilspass #rollyourown @harleydavidson lets get it ...



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