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Chattanooga !!!! Show as fuckin amazing !!! ... Thank you !! ... @rittz Good to have you back again bud .. @kleversworld @bonesowens .. Way to set it off !! ... To all riders on #devilspass ... We will meet in front of the Aquarium at 9 am ... Don't get too hammered ... Yall be safe and let's make tracks to Birmingham ... I'm gonna take yall through my hometown Gadsden .. Show you the house I recorded Trunk Muzik in ... Murals I've painted in 98' ... Hit Nocalula Falls ..Gonna be another rad day .. See yall in the AM #devilspass #slumfest @fefedobsonofficial rocks the @biltwell mirror bubble .. Thanx for the box of goodies Biltwell .. We have ton of give aways for bikers at #slumfest ... Hallerrrrrr mañana ... I'm fuckin tucker'd .. 9 AM comes early @harleydavidson #rollyourown



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