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Learning this morning from our friend Solomon Rose ... Whose been on the road with us since Nashville ... That 22 veterans a day commit suicide from the traumas of war ... So we want to dedicate this run from Birmingham to Montgomery to his non profit organization #22needsaface ... We stand behind our troops .. We stand behind our country .. We're praying for all the soldiers ... Wishing you peace and mental health ... Hit Solomon up for donations .. @solomonrz ... And thank you B ham for a sold out show last night !!!! ... @fefedobsonofficial @kleversworld @bonesowens @elibroocks @roofeeoo @txsamlee @mattkelty @solomonrz @krzydylan @smithfam544 @Magallanes90 @rawgernorthraps @mackinleydi @tattoodoc @killingjakob2 @captain1earl @jr_rodgers @madcountrymotorco @G_REG_BUSHULEN @joeyreese615 @sambobrock @tammygarciaart @pleasurepatrol @ryguythe9guy @raynelle360 @jfranzenbeavis @beer_buzz @blacksheet @queenschoon @mattyneversatisfied #slumfest #slumerican #devilspass @harleydavidson #rollyourown



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