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Another edit from " knows me " @bonesowens .. Montgomery sold out show last night .. It's was a long ride today to Wild Bills in Georgia from Bama .. A tire blew off some bodies wheel right in front of me and almost be-headed FeFe and I .. And went right up under @bonesowens wheel who was behind me .. We were doing 80 .. Everyone was ok .. My heart was in my stomach for a few minutes .. These road gators ain't no joke .. Then we hit stand still traffic in ATL and got roached by the sun .. We're all beat to shit .. But the show goes on .. Gonna grab some grub .. A drank .. And get my second wind .. @rittz 's HOME TOWN !!! .. And one of my favorite Venues ... We see Yall tonight !!! @fefedobsonofficial .. @bonesowens @kleversworld #slumfest #devilspass #slumerican @harleydavidson #rollyourown @roofeeoo ...



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