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Hey ... All you fans that missed a show today at Riot .. I apologize .. My bag was left in Georgia yesterday along with my passport on #devilspass ... I was feelin really under the weather this mornin' in need of a break .. Sometimes our schedules as artist can be over whelming .. We book date after date not considering lack of sleep and fatigue that leads not only to sickness .. But ultimately a bad show for Yall .. You gotta know when to call it sometimes and take care of you're self ..... So for all of you talkin shit up in Canada about the Riot fest no show ... Get you're maple leaf panties out of a wad .. It's NEVER easy getting across that border for us but we do what we can every time ... And shit happens .. And I'm only human .. I love Canada ... But God Damn ... im gonna enjoy this well deserved cold beer .. And we're gonna get some rest .. From me @bonesowens and @kleversworld .. We owe yall a free show Toronto ... #slumadian #slumerican



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