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Man ..... #devilspass bike run was a serious success .. A very special thank you to my brother here @smithfam544 for carrying @spidysmith on the back of his bike for 100's of miles for that footage ... And to all the riders who participated ... To the ones who did all 5 days .. You're patch is on the way .. If you got a DEVILS PASS 1 patch and didn't do all 5 days .. You gotta give it up. You gotta earn that ! ... To all the acts that came out last night .. The vendors and @boswellshd for hosting .. @nathanbrown77 you killed it bud !!! ... My lady @fefedobsonofficial for being a trooper ... @kleversworld welcome to the world of Harley's bud .. @bonesowens and @elibrooks .. @rittz for the whole tour .. You ripped it homie .. @txsamlee @mattkelty @solomonrz @krzydylan @smithfam544 @Magallanes90 @rawgernorthraps @mackinleydi @tattoodoc @killingjakob2 @captain1earl @jr_rodgers @madcountrymotorco @G_REG_BUSHULEN @joeyreese615 @sambobrock @tammygarciaart @pleasurepatrol @ryguythe9guy @raynelle360 @jfranzenbeavis @beer_buzz @blacksheet @queenschoon @mattyneversatisfied @kyleives1 and the Wall of Death .. @thecryingwolfbar @livetruevintage @hillbillycasino @bubbasparxxx @ikillya @joshuahedley @jellyroll615 @bighenry256 @mrkingalexander @shawtyfatt @monsterenergy @famousstarsandstraps @coors @harleydavidson @boswellshd @jackdaniels @thecryingwolfbar @goldclubelectrictattoo @frankensteincpb @rebelcambo @ounzezilla @newpaloop @jdotjones @harleydavidson #rollyourown and to @flylowcustoms and @hixdesign for having this incredible CVO ready just in time .... Next years #slumfest is already in the works ... #slumfest #slumerican SLUMFEST



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