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Nerding out today with @himelbros David about his jacket collection century's old .. His personal pile of over 3000 jackets has inspired his own design .. It takes passion to know passion .. Personality comes in every color and volume .. But the art the comes out of that personality can silence your opinions .. @jesselirola sent me to see David in Toronto on my visit to see my lady @fefedobsonofficial .. Anyone that would fly to Japan just to purchase a few horse skins is worth listening to .. Follow @himelbros .. This " D pocket " jacket is fashioned from the best of leather .. Vintage snaps , hand sewed and he utilized a vintage blanket for the exterior .. I was honored to swing by his studio of over 20 years .. We'll see about some collabo SLUMERICAN @harleydavidson cuts in the future ..for now though . Rock on bud .. You got our support #slumadian #slumerican @hixdesign



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