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I got my 110 CVO back and returned the 103 rental .. I'd say I broke it in for that buyer hahah .. Hey every body .. thanx for all you're well wishes on my run .. It's cool to share the road with yall .. Can't wait till next years #devilspass run and #slumfest ... Looks like we'll be doing two .. One on the west coast .. And one back at home in Nashville again .. Thanx again @harleydavidson .. The documentary of #devilspass 2015 is almost done .. @spidysmith killed it .. Shout out @monsterenergy keepin me goin on this trip .. #rollyourown .. .. Off to see KidRock this evening for a dinner .. We're either gonna fist fight or make a record .. We do both pretty well .. Hallerrrrrr #trialbyfire



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