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I'd like to point out that I have Whitey Bulger's shades on ... And also there's Bob , Lisa Presley and @bonesowens standing there haha ... I erased a post last night accidentally ... stoops .... @machinegunkelly did a record with Bob .. He's hyped on it !! Congrats homie ... that's some #outlawhiphoprockandroll shit .. For all yall who want me to hold on to some old beef non sense .. Grow up ... We're all inspired by something out there .. Music , style and ideas ain't to be held down .. So wether I'm pulling from some one who inspired me .. Or someone's pulling from me .. At the end of the day .. That's what we do .... Can't be mad at it ... On some other shit though ... Last nights hang was the weirdest shit I've done in years .. Hahaha .. at any point Bob can gather the most random and awesome people under one roof .. Gucci Mane as rumored to stop by .. Wtf ... And TG Shepard was there .. Blend all that with Lisa's really loud snoring dog .. Craze. #slumerican #kingofrockandroll #elvis ... Uhhhhhh yeah.



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