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A lot is happening today ... In my world and yours out there .. But just when you think your overwhelmed .. Just take this into consideration .. My boy @gripplyaz is under surgery right now as you read this removing a cancerous tumor in ATL ... And my boy @djpaulkom told me this mornin that Koop @koopstaknicca36 passed away today ... First and for most my prayers to Koops family and friends ... And as a life long fan of THE 6 .. You'll be missed Koop .. Another Legend of Memphis lives !!!! .... And to my brother Grip .. My thoughts and positive vibes go out to you bud .. Your one tough Country Ass dude !!! .. We love you .. Come out SHWANGIN PIMP !!! ... With that said ... Everyone enjoy your time here .. And know that there's ALL WAYS some one right next door dealing with life a little or a lot differently today than you are .. Hey Zaid @zaidhood03 Uncle yellerr loves you bud ... Daddies gonna be fine !!! R.I.P KOOP #slumerican



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