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Old Gringo's .. Hand tooled black on black @bonesowens @kleversworld no doubt @oldgringoboots yall make some killer shit ... BUT ... I feel like I've been duped .. Seriously though you're page targets nothing but girls .. Not only that .. But it looks like a bad Macy's ad .. Some shit I'd see next to a school teachers bedazzled Christmas sweater .. I got these boots at the men's section of a boots store in Nashville TN .. I paid 1,500 for these ... And I was stoked ... Now I'm like What the fuck ?!! .. #oldgringoboots .... This is NOT #slumerican .. We can't back this brand yall .. Not until they support rock and roll .. I'll wear these damn things now that I've paid for em. I ain't gettin another pair until they step it up ..... If you feel what I'm sayin #oldgringoboots and tell em what you think ... But go to their page first @oldgringoboots ... @libertyboots @lucchese @bootstarsunsetstrip .. RAD boots BAD branding.



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