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Not often do you get the chance to hear a classically trained blind pianist play soul wrenching melodies on a finely tuned piano ... In the A room of one of the worlds greatest studios Black Bird ... But it just happened to me a few minutes ago ... FEFE @fefedobsonofficial wrote and produced this song for her new Album .. And it's amazing ... Her old management / label should feel really stupid for pushing her toward music she didn't feel .. but that type of shit happens to us artist sometimes ... But this girl got ones of the craziest pens out there ... And turning her loose to do what she wanted to do all along woke a sleeping giant ... honored to be apart of this .. @leland_elliott thanx man. Gordon was awesome ... OH ... And uhhhhhhhhh he's from my home town Gadsden Alabama !!!! Hahah .. YESSS " score one for Dixie " - BP .. #slumerican #slumadian Todd Parker lets GET IT !!!!



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