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Last night in Switzerland I brought as many people on stage from the crowd as I could fit and we rocked a few songs together ... See @kleversworld 's page for a photo of that ... Tonight we play Berlin .. Walkin to get coffee this morning I saw this poster in the front door of the venue .. Pretty fuckin cool !!! LOVESTORY @shadyrecords #slumerican #yelawolfconcert #yelawolfineurope #yelawolf ALSO @bonesowens made some killer videos to watch ... Check his page for some clips on our ride @harleydavidson @monsterenergy #rollyourown @hard9choppers



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It was such a big deal for my love to meet you guys. He was dreaming of it for years so I sold all my stuff to get the Meet&Greet for him...and then everything went so wrong because of the hours of waiting, the delay and then the sad background after the show. He wanted to tell you so much. That he is a musician, too and that you inspire him every day. There was no time to talk a bit... it was still great for him to meet you after 7 years of waiting and a long journey from Moldova...but his heart still broke because of the problems and the hurry. Now we're thinking of selling the rest of our life to see you again and say all the things there was no time for on friday night....