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4 days ago ... On @bonesowens Bday ... We performed to a sold out crowd in Paris .. Around 1,500 people attended. It's was the most electric crowd of the tour ... @fefedobsonofficial spent the day traveling the city .. Visiting places she'd dreamed about for years ... @kleversworld and I went shopping for Bones then had an incredible meal and a cold beer with a beautiful clear view of the Eiffel Tower .... Bones and his lady Libby had a rad day seeing Jim Morrison's grave site amongst other things .... I can tell you that we all had the most amazing stay ... And that the local people we're extremely generous and kind ... This tragedy hits really close to home .. For obvious reasons .. I mean let's be honest ... It could have been us foreal .. And I just want to say on behalf of my entire SLUMERICAN family ... We love you Paris !!!! .. And we'll play any venue , any time you invite us back !!!! These cowards may think they have scared artist or fans from rocking ... Or living free .. But they've actually only made me and my crew want to rock harder ... To all the families who are suffering loss ... It's not in vein ... This tragedy will ultimately inspire millions upon millions of people to create world changing art and ideas ... Anything we can do AT ALL to contribute performance and or other wise to the benefit .. Please contact my booking agent or management .. Go to and see booking info .... Once again .. Paris , UK , ... SLUMERICAN's got your back .. Always !!! ROCKANDROLLFOREVER #slumerican #prayforparis @bonesowens @kleversworld



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