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Europe ... We played nothin but sold out shows of here this trip ... Can't thank you enough for all the love .. @kleversworld @bonesowens ... One more down boys !!! ... Special thank you to my lady @iamfefemusic for joining us on stage ..... Matt our sound man thanx for keeping us loud !!!! , Tom - Merch ... Our two bus drivers thanx for keeping us safe ... @skulldude666 guitar tech and stage manager and all around kick ass dude .. And Darren Blackwell our TM for a flawless trip ... All the venues and promoters .. Thanx for the hard work .. Universal , William Morris , @shadyrecords INTERSCOPE @harleydavidson @monsterenergy @jdotjones @newpaloop @ounzezilla ..... And most of all ... THE FANS .. We love you !!!!! .. SLUMERICAN #slumerican



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