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I'm honored to share with you the life and times of this Legend STRUGGLE !! ... A dear close friend of ours @jellyroll615 @imalexanderking ... That continues to inspire from his prison walls ... Coming home in 39 days .. He's put together a series of documentation to share with us ... This first piece is so raw and so very real .. I was nearly in tears .. I've tried to tell some friends of mine who run major publications that they were sleeping on one of musics biggest stories ... But rather than wait for them to cover Struggle ... We're releasing this on our own ... And on this holiday .. What more to be thankful for than our own freedom ... Be inspired and moved .. With all his episodes .. Released weekly until his return home .. And follow him ... This is the turning point for Nashville's ratchet wanna be outlaw / rap country music scene .... And you can thank SLUMERICAN for it .... Enjoy : #slumerican #outlawhiphoprockandroll @shooterjennings @iamstruggle



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