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#degabound prt9 .. We turned up to 11 on top of that @monsterenergy trailer .. Havin the time of our redneck lives when some douche bag called the cops on us .. Said we were trespassing @monsterenergy property .. Obviously they didn't know I was paid to be there by @monsterenergy .. We spent the last 4 laps of the race detained by the police ... Missing the checkered flag ... DaleJr #88 took it home rightfully so ... We took it home under the watchful eye of the staff and police .. Didn't mean to party to hard DEGA !! .. It was blast anyway .. Hope to be back soon .. Promise we won't stand on top my own sponsors trailer like the other 100 thousand people do .. Even if I did ride in the pace car to bring in the race in overalls and no shirt ... I think I smell haters ... Nothing new to a ️️SLUMERICAN️️ @bonesowens @nephewwolf @kleversworld @rebelcambo Mike and Chris .. Uncle Bud @atm57 and friends .. @bkracing_2383 @maximfantasy @jkyeley1 @talladegasupers @mattdracing #nascar Thanx again #slumerican MADE !!!! ... Oh yeah ... One more thing ....



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