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REMINDER @ricardo.grimm Band Audition tomorrow !!! ... LOOKING FOR A HEAVY METAL BAND !!! ... I'm looking for 4 RAD mother fuckers to join a Metal Band to back .... !!! Guitar , Bass , Drums , and a KeyBoard player !! I'll be producing this band to rock over the beats of the evil genius himself DJ PAUL ... Of the legendary 3.6 mafia .. here's the criteria to join this band : 1. You must be a fan of 3.6 Mafia and be able to play : " Sippin On Some Syrup " ( whatever you're instrument is .. Find your place and learn it. ) 2. You know how to play at the very least Master of Puppets .. But you can impress me with some Black Sabbath or Pantera take your pick. ( With the exception of the keyboard player .. But the keyboard player should be able to play " Nothing Else Matters " Metallica or .. " Mamma I'm coming Home" - Ozzy on piano 3. DRUMMERS ( DO NOT BRING DRUMS WE WILL HAVE A SET FOR LEFT AND RIGHT DOUBLE AND SINGLE KICK PEDDLE OPTION ) must be able to play along to my record " Till Its Gone " : ( some improv is allowed ) And " Hot For Teacher "- Van Halen ( NO IMPROV IS ALLOWED ) 4. You gotta have a LOOK !! Don't fuckin roll through looking like shit !! You could be the baddest mother fucker on earth but if you look like shit .. save it .. It won't happen. 5. Guitar and Bass players ... BRING YOUR OWN INSTRUMENT !! .. We will have an amp but bring your peddle board. 6. Last : YOU MUST BE LOCAL TO NASHVILLE OR WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE TO NASHVILLE !!! Please do not waste you're time driving from 4 hours away unless you plan on moving here. KNARLEY LONG HAIRED TATTOOED BEARDED MONGRELS ARE WELCOME .. Must be 18 or older !!! Location for auditions is : Studio Instrument Rentals ( S.I.R ) 1101 Cherry Avenue Nashville , TN 37203 Date and time : January 9th ( Tomorrow ) at 12 NOON !!!



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