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... Sometimes things happen in the studio that you can't even fathom how it came together .... being the grandson of Waylon Jennings must carry some sort of spirit .. @shooterjennings has this same energy .. It's some kind of deep duty to remain anti and deliver the rawest music you can .. And Struggle @iamstruggle carries that legacy with no effort .. This capture by @spidysmith of a play back caught me nearly in tears .. Man Im just so very thank full to have the opportunity to support and produce such an important record .. I just want to say publicly that ... Today was a hell of a day !!! ... Thank you Waylon .. Thank you Jesse .. Thank you Shooter ... Thank you to the High Way Men ... Jhonny Chris and Willie ... Thank you Wynona Judd for you're love and support .. And to all the real country music fans out there who are torn with this very confusing state of "Hick Hop" .. We have THE definitive and complete answer ... A seamless blend of both worlds ... An honest blessing to our culture .. STRUGGLE JENNINGS @iamstruggle #slumerican @joshuahedley you're the TRUTH BUD !!! ... Wait till you hear the shit we did with you're hook !!! #outlawhiphoprockandroll



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