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Be sure to go check out my big brother JimJonsin's Rock The Grid Festival !! .. This show in Sebring FL will bring over 100,000 race fans .. It's gonna be like no other crowd !!! Jim Jonsin is a pioneer in our game .. produced many hit records and a true OG SLUMERICAN from the Trailer Parks of Florida ... He's family and I'm proud to support him ... He's been one of my biggest supporters for years !!! Performing at this fest will be Rebel Rocks own BOB, Leroy Sanchez and Aly's Ffion ... Click the link at the bottom of the post and get you're tickets to @iamjimjonsin 's #RockTheGrid in Sebring FL , MARCH 18 AT 7 PM with @bobatl @IamLeroySanchez & @iamalysffion @continentaltire, @VP_Racing_Fuels, @iamleroysanchez, @iamalysffion, @rebelrockent, @RTGFestival, @rebelrockracing, @iamjimjonsin Brought to you by @IMSA, Continental Tire, Rebel Rock Entertainment & VP Racing Fuels. #slumerican



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