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.. I don't really give a fuck about what's trendy at the time .. What's relevant in the general public .. Honestly since LoveStory dropped .. the whole world can kiss my country ass with full confidence ... I can also say that ... y'all need to check out @shooterjennings new album .. ( If you listen to this album and don't like it .. Then first un follow me .. And go fuck your self cause you're an idiot ) . Shooters new album deserves a Grammy .. true #outlawhiphoprockandroll .. After you digest that .. Go and watch this part by @thefeatch ... Point is .. Don't be afraid to recreate you're art. You're the king of what's next. If you get caught up in " what works " you may be throwing a shadow on you're own fire .. Get buck and test you're self .. And fuck shit up !!! .. Hallerrrrrrr @shooterjennings Countach (for Giorgio) by Shooter Jennings @thefeatch @deathskateboards @marilynmanson @alphonzorawlsdesigns SLUMERICAN#slumerican



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