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My friend Mike Wolf @mikewolfeamericanpicker has a really dope organization called " This Place Matters " ... He's saving antique buildings across America .. Buildings that other wise would be torn down and replaced with another Starbucks or Cellphone store. Instead Mike is restoring the space leaving as much of the original structure as possible ... This building behind me is one of those buildings. It's been a forgotten and abandoned building on the corner of Marathon for decades ... But luckily Mike saw the potential in it ... And I was lucky enough to catch his ear .... And he's allowing me to put my SLUMERICAN barber / tattoo retail flagship store here ... I'm honored. And couldn't ask for a better location and building to match our style.i was raised in a small town ... I understand the value and nostalgia of old buildings. Can't wait to get the shop going ... Follow @mikewolfeamericanpicker and @ontwolanes .. Click on their bio to learn more about his movement .. And support the preservation of your towns history !! SLUMERICAN #slumericanmade to last !!!



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