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Introducing " Sittin On A Storm " .. I've been working hard with @hixdesign and my team to get my leather goods and furniture line going ... Finally .. After 3 years in the making. It's here ... "Sittin On A Storm" .. And it all started with an axe .. That turned into this 3 legged lighting bolt credenza that I designed and built myself with the help of my friends @frankensteincpb And @hixdesign .. Click the link in my bio for the full story behind our line " Sittin On A Storm " ... And enjoy all the new SLUMERICAN.MADE goods ... Halllerrr And oh yeah here's a 20% discount code for all SLUMERICAN and YELAWOLF apparel Promotional code is : SLUM20 ... Type that in and GETSLUM !! Thank you Tyler , Kyle , Ounze , Jdot , Newport , Cam , Bo .. And our new merch company R&S !!! @jdotjones @hixdesign @ounzezilla @Bolatham @newpaloop SITTIN.ON.A.STORM #slumericanmade #slumerican !!! @bromleyandco @marilynmanson @theshockmansion @travisbarker ... For all the HD photos .. Our sites best enjoyed on a lap or desktop ... But either way you cruise .. mobile or desk ... Thank you !!! Click the link in my bio ....



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