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#slumericanscavengerhunt just took on another level .... I left an @elsenornewyork CATFISFBILLYRING ... With the girl to my left .. After a meal at the LongHorn ( my mother bartended the original LongHorn in Nashville btw in 93 ) she's to your right. Her Instagram is @ashleynw33 ... She said @samhuntmusic follows her ... So I said fuck ... I'm following you then. Then I said .. Know what ?! Fuck that I'm one uping @samhuntmusic right now ... I'll follow you and how bout taking this @elsenornewyork ring and hiding in somewhere in Podunk county ...... Which is Calhoun Georgia ... Although I love ATL .. I thought the Claremont Lounge was a Little to obvious ... Besides that .. Small towns never get any love ... So follow @ashleynw33 just like me and this dude @samhuntmusic and check her page for clues to get your @elsenornewyork CATFISHBILLYRING .... Here's the catch .. Her page is private hahahaha ..... She'll have to approve you to even have a chance ... MISSIONIMPOSSIBLE #slumericanscavengerhunt #slumerican .. #samhuntbrokeupinasmalltown #yelawolfbrokeupinnashville



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