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Gas station gold ... 1.99 outside Charlotte NC ... While I'm picking up goodies on my way out though .. Just want to say thank you#carolinarebelion2016 for having us .. Was an amazing show .. And I'll post some @monsterenergy @monstermusic photos later ... But what's up with this #slumericanscavengerhunt ?!! ... How bout for Charlotte I left my hand written 3rd verse of " Change " off LOVESTORY ... It's the verse I wrote during the session .. Originally written 8 years ago ... This copy is the actual paper I used in to re write in Nashville TN in the making of LOVESTORY .. It's one of my personal favorite verses .... And we hid it last night safe in a zip lock bag from rain ... Who's down for the #slumericanscavengerhunt ?!!! ... #SLUMERICAN : @kleversworld



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Hey may i open for you after you perform at somerset? ;)