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Congrats @most.vile.evil.people for winning the #slumericanscavengerhunt in MIA !! .. Heard cops were lurkin on fans randoml in little Haiti .. He had to show a cop my post to explain why he was in that neighborhood haha !! But you know we gotta keep it #SLUMERICAN !! .... But It paid off big for him ... A proper @fxckcancer bag of goodies , Trunk Muzik Returns and Black Fall cd's , a SLUMERICAN sticker pack , a BALLMART "Just Fucking Run For It" Jacket and .. ( sure that came in handy ha ) and finally My hand written 1st verse off American You from LoveStory ... Thanx for following .. You never know when I'm gonna drop some goodies off in your city .. Love YALL !!! WIN #slumericanmade #FUCKCANCER



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