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Now taking resumes for our SLUMERICAN FLAG SHIP STORE ....Our shop is a Barber , Tattoo , Retail spot. We're a SLUMERICANMADE brand and need like minded and professionally rad , stylish and interesting people who are #fuckingettinit !!!!.... Woman , Men ... Aliens ... If you got the chops and your looking to join an amazing group of SLUMERICAN killers ... Please submit your photos and resume to us ... Include your social media handle so we can further investigate your style and background ... We're Looking for the following : An experienced manger with at least 5 years experience managing a retail store , Barbers , Tattoo Artist , receptionist , and some SLUMBUNNY'S for our speak easy ... We're located in Marathon Village Nashville TN , and we're planning on launching our store on the 4th of July this year. If your local or even if your looking to move to Nashville ... show us what you got !!!! ... Email your photos and resume's to ... And please DONT SEND ME YOUR MUSIC cause I don't care !!!! ... And good luck ... Maybe you just landed the job that's gonna change your life .... #fuckingettinit SLUMERICAN @simsbarbershop @goldclubelectrictattoo #SLUMERICAN #MOTHERTRUCKERS #slumericanmade



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