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My first born son Robot ... I remember him crawling over my stack of vinyls when I was making beats on my MPC2000 for CreekWater ... He's a Daddy's boy ... He's spent his whole life watching me walk out the door chasing this music business ... He's strong as you can be ... He's a thinker , a creator .. And is sure to pick up where I leave off no doubt ... Robot @ricoblackfeather ... I love you son !! All three of you make me so very proud .. Greetings from Amsterdam .. And to my Dad Jim Garner .. And my Paw Paw and the late Otis Williams .. Your all on my mind today ... HAPPYFATHERSDAY to all those RAD DADS out there #FUCKINGETTINIT #SLUMERICAN #SLUMERICANMADE FATHERHOOD .. @travisbarker love you man. You're one of the best dads out there !!!



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