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As I had mentioned to you all before ... Our dear friend , brother GripPlyaz has cancer ... But we ain't gonna let that stop the funk !!! Grip put me on his mothers couch when I needed a place to get it together at 22 years old ... He's a true true friend .. that even with Cancer ... Has NEVER asked me for a penny ... So we think it's appropriate and only right to show our gratitude and appreciation for a living ATL legend .... Buy the GripPlyaz shirt and ALL proceeds go to his medical needs. Thanx again #SLUMERICAN Family !! ... Grip we love you bud !! Get WELL AND RAISE HELL !!! #fuckcancer #SLUMERICAN #SLUMERICANMADE @gripplyaz BEEN #FUCKINGETTINIT and won't stop !!! GRIPPLYAZ ATL HO !!!! And thank you to RNS !!! #RNS y'all are amazing !!! Artwork: @lostboysinc



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