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After doin a legit rope swing , then a knarely tree jump with a slice of her big toe missing that she cut on the trail walk out ... Linsey @linseytoole tuffed' it out .. Bandaged up and then @rebelcambo took us noodlin ... And I'll be damn if she she didn't yank a catfish out the water bare handed from under a sketchy boat ramp in the Coosa River .... If there was a pastor on the river bank I might've married her right then haha ... I'm sure the haters are bangin their heads against a concrete wall now !! ... Crazy day with @newpaloop @annahham And @shaunmfsilva captured it all on HD #angelsandoutlaws #FUCKINGETTINIT #SLUMERICAN #SLUMERICANMADE #SLUMBUNNY CATFISHBILY ... And oh yeah .. I noodled a blue catfish for the first time too ... We came up .. Three cats uber one boat ramp #FUCKINGETTINIT !!! Thanks @rebelcambo you're the man !!! Follow my snapchat @slumericanceo for all the iPhone clips !



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