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Back stage putting together the set list for the BravallaFest in Sweeden ... And man ... What a trip so far .. 2 hour flight to Newark from Nashville , 5 hour layover , then an 8 hour flight to Sweeden , then a 2 1/2 hour drive to the hotel ... An our nap and straight to back stage ... Show time in a few hours ... And the schedule remains the same for next five days ... This is a rough one but .... I'm super blessed to be able to do what I do .. Days like today I just remember workin those 9-5's ... Up at 4:30 to get in that work truck by 5:30 .. Cutting grass by 6 am , layin bricks , diggin ditches ... Whatever I could do ... It's all apart of the journey ... Thanx again for all of you who have supported my music , evolution .. Big changes create big results ... And I'm happier now than ever with my music and career ... Love y'all !!! #SLUMERICAN MEANS SLUM AMERICAN BREED GUTTER RAISED WITH WORLD WIDE DREAMS !!! #SLUMERICANMADE and #FUCKINGETTIN in SWEEDEN with @bonesowens and @kleversworld THE BOYS !!



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