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My MawMaw raised me listening to this mans music making breakfast ... Along side Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters ... She said she used to sneak under her bed to listen to the blues in the 50's in Alabama ... Outside of my brief child hood in Bama .. I didn't listen to much BB King .. But I've since made friends with some amazing blues musicians at Bourbon Street in Nashville ... I dedicate this post to my good friends Stacy Mitchhart and Gill Gann ... And of course my MawMaw !!! ... We're on the bus about to play Rock on the Range listening to some of BB's discography courtesy of @bigbassape ... Rest in peace BBKING ️️SLUMERICAN️️ #slumerican #lovestorytour chapter 1 history. @bonesowens @kleversworld @hillbillycasino ROCK AND ROLL



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