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Life came full circle for me here in #SOUTHAFRICA ... Made many new friends .. Can't wait to come back and bring my family !! .. I was humbled by the hospitality .. To all my people in Alabama .. You would trip out how alike we are here ... Whadup to the " SPRINGS " !! .... The fans the came out to the show in JOHANNESBURG !! .. " Meeting " .. #oppikoppi festival thank you !!! CAPE TOWN !!! .. The show crazy !! And we were fortunate enough today to enjoy the beautiful coast line of #SOUTHAFRICA on motorcycles !! .. Our boy #wolfmoto #rollwiththepack .. Laced the crew and @monsterenergy backed it all .. Over all the 5 days was life changing .. I got this out line of Africa at @sinsofstyle .. Another piece of the puzzle .. We'll be back !!! Love y'all !!! THANK YOU SOUTH AFRICA !! ... Back to Nashville !! @bonesowens @kleversworld @sonnyblackmarket #SLUMERICAN #SLUMERICANWORLDWIDE AFRICA @harleydavidson



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